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We are committed to providing you with top level personalized service, in addition to our great prices and quick turnaround time. As our existing clients are our best testimonials, we've decided to post some of the comments we received from satisfied customers:

"The scooter is great and my nephew loves it. Thanks for the great product and service."
< Shannon McKeough - Cole Harbour, NS

"Works great. Met our expectations and more."
Chris Garrett - Bathurst, NB

"I bought this scooter for my grandson who is 11 for graduation present in the spring. He loves it and takes very good care of it and has enjoyed many great rides this summer. He is in Grade 6 and I was surprised how many kids at his school scooter to school every day. Great to see kids enjoying the out of doors. Thanks for the battery tip, I will pass it on."
Wendy Baker - Campbellford, ON

"Hi the scooter has worked amazing. it can take my daughter across town easily. it has a bit of difficulty with my 200lb ass on hills but I still like to take it for a rip. Great product, excellent service. Thanks."
Ross Franes - Prince Rupert, BC

"The scooters are amazing and my boys love them. Thank you very much for the charging tip and the follow up email."
Shawn Peterson, Proroc Drywall - Kawartha Lakes, ON

"Quite impressed as it was in storage until my birthday for appox. 45 days, tire pressure was still excellent, charged right up and was off and riding. The courier that delivered it said a lot of the guys in the warehouse were very curious about it. We have it in our store/warehouse, and when the weather was warmer and dryer we would go for rides to stress out every now and again. I am sure the other businesses in the plaza were jealous :) It's a good speed limit on the unit and love that we don't need to worry about the weight as it goes up to 220 pounds, all good things. We follow the instructions pretty closely, never charge it overnight, only during working hours when someone is there to unplug the unit once charged. And on the weekends when it's just wifey, me and the kids, they have quite an awesome time with it, although both are kids are a bit young for it, we ride it with them and try to keep the speed slower. Good times, it was a nice 50th birthday present for Daddy :) (and yes, if any customer catch us riding it, which happens quite often, we always tell them exactly where we purchased it from). Cheers."
Brian Johnston - Guelph, ON

"We love the razor dirt bikes. My two boys now have one. The are enjoying it!"
Tammy Hayter - Fort McMurray, AB

"We are very happy with the scooter! Thanks!"
Sharon Bustos - Edmonton, AB

"Thank you for the follow up. We are super happy with the bikes, they are perfect for our property. They run great, they are so much fun and we love how quiet they are. For us they have been a great addition to the farm for the whole family. It is such a pleasure riding them around, especially alongside our Geman Shepherd, he's getting a great workout. A fantastic purchase all around and it came with great customer service, thats for sure! Thanks for everything."
A.B. - Duncan, BC

"My son loves the scooter, especially the increase in speed! Thank you for the advice on prolonging batter life."
Christine Giambattista - King City, ON

"My 12 year old son Loves his scooter!. The e300 is an amazing product that is built with quality. The decking on it is made of a very sturdy metal. The wheels are rubber and grip very well on all kinds of surfaces.( we live on a farm)very satisfied with this product. My son called customer service, to find out about charging ( it appeared to be 1/2 charged) and the staff where very helpful. Knew what they where talking about. Thank you."
Dodeen Martin - Surrey, BC

"My grandkids love their scooter although not much outdoor time yet with inclement weather. Appreciate your service when I ordered them."
John Sloat - Delta, BC

"My grandson loves it . Unfortunately, he has only been able to ride it in the house so far due to the season, but he scoots around the house almost every day on it."
Richard Russell - Mississauga, ON

"Our son got E300 for his 13th Birthday. The scooter is awesome. Our son drives it a lot. Thank you."
Aleksandra Kuburovic - Mississauga, ON

"We received the Razor very fast and were very satisfied with it. Our son is enjoying every moment on it! Thank you very much."
Sarah Hawkins - Courtice, ON

"Thanks for asking. We are more than pleased with our purchase."
Christina Carey - Witless Bay, NL

"Our son loves the scooter and our experience with ordering online was exceptional. Thank you."
Deb Parliament - Vancouver, BC

"My son loves the scooter! It is working well. We are very satisfied! Thank you."
Kari-Ann Miller - Kingston, ON

"We like the scooter very much. Especially the brake and the little kickstand. It has mostly been used in the garage so far but our son is keen to use it outdoors this spring."
Kelly Rainey - Calgary, AB

"Hi, my son loves the scooter, every chance he gets he goes outside and rides it! Best regards."
Nelson Martins - Woodbridge, ON

"I am very satisfied with everything!!! My grandson who is 5 is enjoying his scooter and his mom rides an adult one. The little 2 year old is learning on a little Thomas the train scooter and will ready in no time for his own Razor."
Maureen Pearce - Ottawa, ON

"Thank you for the follow up we are very happy with the product and the entire service. Cheers."
BrentPotvin - Fort Saskatchewan, AB

"Fantastic! My daughter is now called little mama. That is her Mc name. It is a sturdy quick bike. She is six and after about 1 hour in a grass field for practice, she never looked back. Quiet quick and love that there is no gas, oil, carburetors, or fumes to deal with. It is a very happy neighbour's bike! The only thing I would have liked is a light (led) front and back. Thanks."
Jason Gulliver - Uxbridge, ON

"The scooter has been great, kids are enjoying. Thanks."
Fred Amelio - Toronto, ON

"We ordered the dirt bike for our son, he LOVES it - great product and great shipping. Thanks."
Stephanie Parsons - St John's, NL

"Very satisfied with the scooter I purchased from you my grandson loves it! Thank you!"
Rose Laurin - Barrie, ON

"My husband bought me the scooter for my Birthday present, Phil took my order and all went very well. Delivery was even faster than estimated, however after assembling we found the tire was flat. Kidscooters.ca then said that we would need to deal with Razor for the warranty work, this had me very concerned. My worries were completely unfounded, they helped me to get my paperwork together and I contacted Razor and within a week, I had a completely new tire. Very happy with my service with Kid Scooters and Razor, both did an exceptional job and I would highly recommend them."
Karen Eastman - Crofton, BC

"The scooter is working perfectly! We are very happy with our purchase. Thank you for asking!"
Rob Laliberte - Tilbury, ON

"Yep! Our son loves it! And me too! Thanks."
Lea Wood - Quinte West, ON

"I am very much enjoying the scooter!! It’s loads of fun to ride and is great for ‘scooting’ around town. I use it when visiting friends or if I need to zip over to the grocery store for some items. I like that it handles so well and the large, pneumatic tires allow me to ride easily on surfaces that are not ‘perfect pavement’. I can easily navigate it off and on the sidewalk ramps without problem. By the way, I’m not a kid. I’m a 54-year old man. This scooter is an environmentally friendly and FUN way to get around my small town. A friend of mine likes it too and is thinking of getting one. The only draw-back I could mention is that since my weight is near the upper limit of this scooter, I don’t get too much range. It’s enough for me to do what I need, but it would be nice if there was an ‘extra battery pack’ that could be installed. But again, for the price of this scooter, I’m not complaining at all! I still get about 20 km/h speed and sufficient range (must be 2-3 kms) to get around to the places I need to. This thing is a lot of fun to use and for short trips, it’s great! Also, not using gasoline, so it’s not polluting nor does it make much noise, so it’s not irritating to anybody you ride by. I’m going to add a bicycle light to it for added safety, but otherwise, it’s a great scooter. Especially for the price! I’d recommend this scooter as a great, low-cost scooter for older children or adults that want a quick way to get around and have fun doing it! It’s also easy to lock it up with a bicycle chain-lock, so you don’t have to worry about someone ‘borrowing’ it without permission. Feel free to use this review as you see fit. I’m happy to share my experience with others. This scooter is great!"
Al Brettnell - Morinville, AB

"Service was great. Charger came and works great. Thanks!"
Tracey Epp - Winnipeg, MB

"Thank you, it is perfect and my daughter loves it. It's her 3rd one. Thank you for the great service and customer support."
Jay Lozecki - Grimsby, ON

"The scooter has been good. Also would like to say that the customer service was good when I had an issue with the back tire not being inflated. They sent a replacement for it which was awesome."
Tim Kingdon - Saskatoon, SK

"Very happy with scooter and how quickly it arrived."
Lou Paleczny - Kitchener, ON

"The scooter is great. My daughter loves it.
Janice Lewery - Orleans, ON

"I am very pleased with the scooter, or I should say my son is! Delivery time was super fast! Very pleased with that,considering it was around the holidays. Thanks a lot."
Troy Hemeon - Yarmouth, NS

"The product arrived and it's been great for my son. He loved it and it is a very durable product. Thanks for checking in."
Steve Byford - Duncan, BC

"My grandson who is 12 years and big for his age had the greatest time on Christmas Day. I must say his father, uncle and another friends who are 6 feet something also enjoyed their rides up and down the street. I will pass info on battery along to his mother and I thank you very much for the follow up. Great customer service."
Rosina Sweetland - Scarborough, ON

"The electric dirt bike was delivered on time and assembly was easy. The bike works great and our son loves it."
Reynder Van der Meulen - Burlington, ON

"Our granddaughter really enjoys the scooter. We had some issues when we first received it, with the front wheel and fork bearings lacking grease and set too tight, which required dis-assembly, re-greasing and cone resetting. The rear wheel grease and bearing settings were OK. For the average buyer this would be a bigger problem, but being a mechanical guy I just made it right. Your quick response to get the sale expedited was appreciated. Regards."
Don & Sherri Bergman - Langley, BC

"Thank you for the great service, We are very happy with the scooters!"
Laurentiu Bordianu - Edmonton, AB

"We bought that scooter for our ten year old son. He has enjoyed his time on it. The shipping and delivery were a little faster than promised. We were a little late to discover scooters but rest assured we will recommend your site. Kind regards."
Peter Welfare - Vaughan, ON

"My grandson is so very happy with it. Thanks so much."
Mary Brouwers - Guelph, ON

"We purchased one of your scooters for our 8 year old and she loves it, even got the best dad ever title for getting scooter, she rides it everyday and gets outside more now just to ride her scooter. I would recommend this scooter to anyone and Kids Scooters because of the easy to navigate website and prompt delivery."
Jarrod Martens - Fernie, BC

"Razor/drifter is awesome! My son who is 7 loves it. Cheers"
Barry Romberg - Toronto, ON

"The razor 350 is great my kid is loving it thank you so much and the next day delivery was great I am extremely happy with ur service thank you will be recommending you to all my friends."
Ljiljana Lazic - Niagara Falls, ON

"The scooter is fantastic, my son rides it everyday. He loves it!"
Conly Compression - Loydminster, AB

"Scooter runs great, lots of fun, heck I even use it to go visit neighbourhood buddies for weekend afternoon breaks!
Walter Libby - Oshawa, ON

"Extremely happy. Thank you! I could not find the rip skate anywhere else in Canada!"
Cindy Parker - Saskatoon, SK

"I got the Sidewalker Atom scooter this morning, and Fedex did deliver it before 10am. The scooter was bigger than I thought. The ride was awesome! It's really smooth on pavement. The break system is really helpful and including the bell on the handle bar was really cool."
Sonia C. - Brampton, ON

"So far so good for the scooter… Easy to assemble and our daughter loves it. Thanks."
Scott Sanderson - Calgary, AB

"Am very pleased with your product . If it can withstand my three grandsons it can endure almost anything!!!? Thanks for the very efficient delivery service as well."
Lorne Plotsky - Medicine Hat, AB

"Thanks for the follow up inquiry on your product and you will be happy to know everything is just fine and my daughter loves it. Thanks."
Scott MaCdonald - Bow Island, AB

"We love the scooter and are very pleased with it. We would definitely order again. Thanks for following up."
Dean Welder - Kelowna, BC

"Great fun and a excellent product - very happy. Cheers."
Mark Husken - Whistler, BC

"Thank you for following up. Our son is thrilled but unfortunately he has to wait until the snow goes!"
Mary Lou Spadafore - Cochrane, AB

"Thank you for the follow up email. I am 100% satisfied with the scooter and will definetly shop with you again."
Adrian Lawrence - Toronto, ON

"Thank you for the amazing service! We are very happy with the scooters, kids loves them."
Laurentiu Bordianu - Edmonton, AB

"Our boy absolutely loved it. It seems to be very well built. Nicely finished and rides smoothly. Very satisfied."
Richard Mark Adams - Port Perry, ON

"Thanks the scooter is great!"
Jody Cox - Grand Bank, NL

"We had one very excited girl at our house Christmas morning! with her new RED electric scooter! Thank you! Thank you especially for the hard work you did with FED EX and their mix up. It was a last minute delivery, but it got under the tree. We won't have a chance to ride the scooter until spring, but look forward to the fun!"
Tracey Scharschmidt - Waterloo, ON

"The 3 scooters I ordered were received in good time and made 3 grandchildren very happy. Thank you."
Jeanne Paige - Sydney, BC

"My daughter loves it's, great little scooter. Thanks."
Rob Faria - Bradford, ON

"Thanks for writing. The scooter arrived as you indicated with no problems at all. My son was so happy to open it on Christmas morning. Thank you for the great service"
Martha Hooper - Mississauga, ON

"Thanks for follow up. The scooter came super quick and worked right out of the box. Very satisfied and would order again. Happy New year!"
Patrick Mlcoch - Mississauga, ON

"Thanks for touching base. Very satisfied with everything. Thanks for the fast shipping! My son has already used it a few times!"
Marie Hermanson - Calgary, AB

"We are very satisfied. My daughter loves it."
Philip Coyle - Fort McMurray, AB

"We are very happy with the razor mx650’s we bought. The first one we bought came with a defect but Razor quickly shipped us the replacement part with no hassle. So then we bought another one and the kids are enjoying them very much."
Lee-Ann Hildebrandt - Spruce Grove, AB

"Thank you for the service. We would definitely recommend. Many thanks.
Ethan H - Salt Spring Island, BC

"I'm enjoying it very much. Use it to get to work everyday!"
Fred Desharnais - Montreal, QC

"Received the scooter and very pleased with it."
Amy Collins - Elliston, NL

"All good thanks for the great service."
Dean Pelletier - Sault Ste Marie, ON

"My son really likes it. Thank you."
Mirko Sciroli - Edmonton, AB

"All is wonderful with the scooter! Product is great & my 8 year old daughter loves it! Thanks."
Dusti Hennenfent - Moose Jaw, SK

"Definitely satisfied with the product. My son just turned 7 and i was a little hesitant with purchasing that particular model but he’s a pro so I’m glad I chose the right one. Thanks again."
Annie Ciancone - Ancaster, ON

"Thank you for your speedy shipping. My grandson was delighted and is having so much fun."
Fran Pighin - Burnaby, BC

"I just wanted to let you know how happy we are with the dune buggy that we recently purchased from Kidscooters.ca / Razor in Canada. The service was excellent, delivery was quick and we would definitely recommend ordering from Kidscooters.ca / Razor in Canada to our friends. Thank You!"
Rachel Abesamis - Brampton, ON

"The scooters are amazing. Thank you."
Josephine Lazzaro - Brampton, ON

"My son loves the scooter! You company expedited the order quickly and very responsive to inquiries. There was a day delay with FedEx But the item was received Saturday vs Friday's scheduled delivery."
Caroline Francis - Calgary, AB

"The two scooters we purchased worked out fine – the grandchildren really enjoy them. The larger wheels make such a difference on rough terrain. They were a hit for sure."
Harold Reid - Chelsea, QC

"Very satisfied with my order, thanks."
Travis Neely - Swan River, MB

"The scooter has been fantastic. There was one problem with the chain coming off a little but your customer service person told us exactly what to look for and how to fix it and it worked perfectly. Thank you."
Natalie M. Leon - Toronto, ON

"She loves it, thank you. It is particularly great with the big wheels."
Lisa Southcott - Halifax, NS

"The scooter is great! My kid loves it. Quick delivery and good service. Thanks!"
Laura Borax - Calgary, AB

"My dad loves it and it works really well. No complaints I've heard yet!"
Gerry Moerkerken - Scotland, ON

"Everything is wonderful. The children love their new bikes. Thank you very much."
Daniel Durand - Blainville, QC

"Scooter works awesome! My son is so happy with it. Thanks."
Ayesha Cassimjee - Toronto, ON

"My children and I are very happy with our mx350. I am very impressed with the customer service I received after my purchase. I will definitely refer my friends to your company. Thank you."
Michelle Babcock - Stitsville, ON

"We are very happy with it. It was exactly what I was wanting and it came very quickly. Thank you!"
Anne Phair - Carnduff, SK

"Nice unit, we do let the kids ride it once in a while! We also have the smaller version for the past two yrs, has put on many smiles. I think an optional small carrier of some type would be nice, my wife likes to pick up the mail with the unit. Otherwise we are thrilled. Thank you."
Bruce Cherewyk - Calgary, AB

"The scooter is fantastic best investment ever. I am extremely satisfied with the product and service. Thank you."
Maria Rummo - Woodbridge, ON

"Service was knowledgeable and friendly. Items were shipped and arrived when they said they would be. Both units are great."
Craig Fehr - Calgary, AB

"My son's comment:"I LOVE IT!"...he really does. He is on it almost every day for a period of time. I don't mind it either because he goes to the store for me on it! Bonus for mom.
Catherine Hunt and son Braden Buckley - Mississauga, ON

"The kids LOVE them!! Thanks for the great service!"
Jake/Sarah Khalifa - Mount Royal, QC

"My daughter was thrilled with her scooter. So much that we bought our other kids (age 6 and 8) a Razor A Kick scooter as well! Thank you for the follow up and we look forward to many good years of use :)"
Margarita Okumura - Brampton, ON

"Thank you for the follow up. Although, we purchased it some time ago, we unpacked it from the box just this weekend and it was super awesome, assembly was easy (if you follow instructions) and the "intended recipient" of this scooter-gift remained happy :) Thank you."
Sergey Suhanovs - Toronto, ON

"Everything was great! It was a present for a very excited 13 year old boy and he’s over the moon. Purchase and delivery were efficient and speedy. Thanks so much!"
Bari Axmith - Toronto, ON

"My daughter loved her scooter :)) runs great too. Thanks again."
Christina Campbell - Dawson Creek, BC

"I would like to thank you for your prompt service that you’ve provided. Our package was on time and there were no hassle - considering it was close to Christmas. We are enjoying the scooter and will definitely recommend our friends and family. Thank you once again."
Ms Basant - Brampton, ON

"Scooters were delivered very quickly and the kids loved Santa for bringing them! As we live in northern Canada they've only been able to ride in Grandpa's basement but have enjoyed that! Love how easily they fold up and are easy to transport."
Teresa Burt - Quesnel, BC

"Thank you, we are quite happy with our purchase."
Edward Griffin - Paradise, NL

"Thanks so much, excellent service and support, mi son is very happy in toronto with him scooter. Best regards!"
Andres Mejia Parra - Toronto, ON

"Thanks for your inquiry - I actually have been meaning to send your company a big thank you. I placed my order rather close to Christmas and indicated to your company that the scooter was a Christmas gift - but was not overly confident that it would arrive on time (simply due to delivery volumes during the holidays and at no fault of your company). However, much to my delight, the scooter arrived only two days after I placed my order and in plenty of time before Christmas! Thank you very much and well done!!! We had a very happy and excited son on Christmas day and he is itching to try it out - just need all of our snow to melt! Many thanks again."
Alana Campbell - Calgary, AB

"My daughter absolutely loves it, it's her favourite. It was so easy and quick to order through you, and it's actually the nicest looking razor I've seen. Thanks so much."
Michelle Todd - Duncan, BC

"Thanks, fast and easy delivery. Website great."
Stacy Mc Kerracher - Hamilton, ON

"The Scooters were a total surprise for the boys (12 & 13) and a giant Christmas hit. They both work great! Thanks."
Kristy Kayat - Port Coquitlam, BC

"My daughter was thrilled to get her Razor Scooter this Christmas! She now has a “real” scooter! It arrived at our home 2 days after ordering it; so super quick delivery that really surprised us; but even more important we were thrilled that it is a Canadian Product! Thanks."
Tara Stone - Brooklin, ON

"Very happy with the scooters. Grandchildren love them. Thanks."
Mary Brouwers - Guelph, ON

"My son loves his scooters. He is the proudest kid in the neighbourhood. I will definitely pass your name to anyone who asks. Cheers."
Darren Sweeney - Calgary, AB

"Thank you for the follow up inquiry. I was very impressed with your website and ease of purchase. And the little girl who got the scooter is over the moon about it. I originally ordered one from Amazon right before I thought to check out your website. Cancelled the Amazon order as it (I think) misrepresented the shipping charges and the total cost ended up to be $60.00 more than advertised and $50 more than ordering from your site. Overall I would rate your website and product as a 10/10 and have sent a link to other friends who are interested. As I am more concerned with customer service than cheap crap prices, very happy. Thank you."
Sheena Bellinger - Lake Country, BC

"Great service. Product I wanted. Would recommend."
Michelle Denine - Acton, ON

"My daughter is eight absolutely loves the LED wheels, absolutely loves the spark arrest, a great product, I like the looks, works, holds up, a solid piece of scooter."
Brad Ward - Vancouver, BC

"I ordered a scooter for my son for his birthday and he absolutely loves it. Works great and is the talk of the street. I was also impressed with how quickly I received the scooter. Great service and I believe my daughter will want one for her birthday in March. Thanks again."
Adam Legue - Waterloo, ON

"Many thanks we all love the scooter and the online shopping/delivery was seamless and so easy!"
Victoria Lecker - Toronto, ON

"We were very satisfied with the service. I was very surprised at how fast the product was delivered. Great job. Thank you."
Nicole Decock - Dorchester, ON

"Thank you for your email. The Electric scooter works very well and my son is delighted. Regards."
Maria Ongaro - King City, ON

"My son loves his razor scooter! He is the fastest on the block! Thanks."
Catherine B. - Milton, ON

"My boy loves his scooter. Thanks."
Kelly Guenther - Fort St. John, BC

"My son loves the scooter. Thanks."
Isaac Benayon - Thornhill, ON

"Very satisfied and will be buying another at Christmas for our other children."
Elizabeth Leszczynski - Admonton, AB

"My son LOVES his scooter!! He spent a lot of time researching which scooter to buy so I'm really glad that the one he chose is so good. My personal favorite discovery was the concealed tire inflator in the handlebar! Warm regards."
Tracy McLachlan (happy mom) - Scarborough, ON

"I am very satisfied with the razor scooter I purchased for my grandson. It was easily put together and functions well. My seven year old is off to a great start with his tricks that he could not do with his little inexpensive one. He loves it. Thank you."
Pat Tillbrook - Wetaskiwin, AB

"Our order arrived quickly and the service was excellent! Thank you!"
Janice McGann - Toronto, ON

"We received without problem the scooters. They look great and my kids are pleased with them. Thank you for your follow up. It's appreciated."
Louis Carpentier - Grenville, QC

"So far so good. Scooter was well received, speed is great and it's being used on set everyday for transport. Thank you."
Monika Meulman - Toronto, ON

"Thank you for your message. We are indded pleased with the rapid service."
Jean-Louis Wallace - Ottawa, ON

"Yes, my son is really enjoying the scooter. Even though the blue is no longer in production, he is still having a blast with the scooter. Thanks for your assistance."
Brian McKeachnie - Teeswater, ON

"It's great scooter. I use it for commute b/w GO train station and my work place in downtown. Thanks."
Han Xianghua - Marham, ON

"My daughter is very happy with her A5 scooter."
Pengfei Fu - Toronto, ON

"Very satisfied. My 5 and 6 year old ride them every day with there friends. Thanks."
Mike Williams - Medicine Hat, AB

"Thumbs up, scooter is fantastic, delivery was quick and painless. Thank you!"
Russel Broom - Calgary, AB

"We just gave our son his Razor 300 scooter yesterday for his birthday. He was so happy and has been scooting around non stop!! He loves the speed and was smiling from ear to ear as road around our block. Thanks!"
Tanya Tucker - Lashburn, SK

"My son received the scooter for his tenth birthday. It was easy to assemble and easy for him to learn how to ride it safely. I was concerned when I ordered it due to its higher speeds however, it has not been an issue. We are very pleased with our purchase. Thank you."
Connie Caisse - Hamilton, ON

"Thank you so very much for your excellent service. My order arrived today in time for my grand daughter's birthday - she will be thrilled. I have spent hours on-line trying to buy this item - to no avail - until I tried your site - amazing."
Linda Bond - Flesherton, ON

"My daughter loves it it, very durable and a lot of entertainment."
John Maccormack - Moncton, NB

"Your service was simple, easy and fast. Thank you."
David Reichman - Toronto, ON

"Our son is very happy with his MX 650. We have had 3 parents on our street ask us where we got it. Adding a small inner rear fender or small shield to protect the motor from road splash and dirt would be a cheap and beneficial modification. Thanks."
Dwayne Snyder - Greely, ON

"I have been very satisfied with my Razor 300! The shipping was reasonable, and very timely. Packaging was terrific. The scooter has caught on in my household so fast, we now have three and another on the way. There are two 48 year olds in my house and my husband has found a bit of joie de vivre again. We cannot go for a ride without several people commenting! The 300 is surprisingly good for what it is."
Lisa Barber - Edmonton, AB

"I have been making great use of my manual Razor Scooter A5. I live 47 (30 miles) out of town and commute to a parking lot near the edge of town and scooter a kilometre and a half (a mile) to the city core to get to work. The scooter is very convenient since I can fold it -- without folding the handles or shortening the handle shaft -- and place it in the trunk of my car in a matter of two steps. When I arrive at the office I do the same and stow the scooter against the wall in the corner of my office which saves immensely in stowing and worry by not keeping out of my sight. The city is quite level and over time I have found the best path with the least slopes. As a youth I damaged my knees from too much heavy bicycling so have limited my exercise to walking. I find the scooter is fine on my knees and I can still get good exercise and raise my heart beat."
Pieter Leenhouts - Kars, ON

"Amazing product I love my scooter."
Christopher Miles - Gatineau, QC

"Our seven year-old daughter loves her dune buggy. No mechanical difficulties so far."
James O'Hanley - Timmins, ON

"Purchased for my grandson - we already had a razor spark. The addition being bigger and faster has been a big hit."
David Parrish - Mississauga, ON

"A gift I bought to my grandson, he just loves it. I like making him surprises like that out of the blues. Great service. Thanks."
Christiane Tasse - Gatineau, QC

"Fantastic product--my daughter completely loves it and I'm impressed by the construction and all around care the obviously went into the construction of it. Thanks!"
Sasha Kilian - Whitby, ON

"My seven year old son, Alexander, is very happy with his new scooter. He is especially pleased to have been able to do a spin-trick of a ramp in our driveway! He also says that the scooter goes pretty fast as he rides it to school every day! Thanks for your prompt delivery service, ease of setting it up and clearly, your care about your products and the people that buy them. Good work!"
Michael and Alexander Paul - Oakville, ON

"Our grand daugther was so happy with the gift Santa Clauss brought her for Christmas as well as her grand parents who were happily surprised by the swift delivery of the old red man's team! Mille mercis."
Marie-Alice Bouchard - Blainville, QC

"We were very happy with everything from the ordering process to delivery including your follow up and involvement throughout. My daughter was thrilled with her scooter so thank you very much."
Tracy Morison - Calgary, AB

"We were finally able to test out the scooter with the mild weather we had this weekend. I can tell you that my son loved it. It was easy for him to figure out and he had a blast!"
Toth Ferenc - Toronto, ON

"My son is thrilled with his scooter - we thank you for the prompt delivery and excellent product."
Therese Velkjar - Fort St. John, BC

"We were totally satisfied with the product, and the timely shipping. Everything was delivered, as ordered, with no problems whatsoever. Very happy to have found your site and will recommend to others looking for razor products."
Marg Ptolemy - Toronto, ON

"The scooter is just what my son wanted and the incredible quick delivery was amazing. Great work from your team."
Gord Koch - Toronto, ON

"The scooter arrived in perfect condition and in great time. We gave it to our son for Christmas and he was completely over the moon. We already have another electric scooter which we have passed down to our youngest son...the new one runs beautifully and is an excellent compliment to our "collection". Even my husband took it for a spin. Thanks again!"
Melinda MacDonald - Vancouver, BC

"Everything is great, thanks! Delivered on time (before Christmas) and my son just loves his new E300."
Rodney Parker - Pincher Creek, AB

"Scooters were a big success and everything is working good. Boys love them."
Andrew Morris - Belle River, ON

"I was happy to receive scooter quickly and in time for christmas Xander was so happy to have it under the tree. It was his favorite gift. Thanks so much you made one kid very HAPPY!"
Ian Graham - Thompson, MB

"The scooter arrived quickly, in perfect condition, and was a big hit! Runs beautifully and had quite a few hours of enjoyment before winter arrived. Thank you for the fantastic service!"
Karen Parr - Greely, ON

"Hi, thanks for checking in. As far as I know the new scooter is working great. I think my son has only used it once before we got a bunch of snow. But I have no doubt we got a good product. Thanks again."
Casey McKewon - London, ON

"I got an E300 scooter for Christmas and I can say it's really, really cool! It works great and and I ride it to school every day. All my friends say they want to save up money to get one or will ask for them for their birthdays. (so you should maybe start expecting six scooters to be ordered by 11 and 12 year old boys). So to sum it all up I would like to say #1 it works great, #2 I think its really, really cool. And finally #3 you should be expecting six scooters to be sold."
Harry Buckle - Courtenay, BC

"Our 4 kids love their razors! They were very easily assembled and adjustable so my husband and I were very pleased as well. Many Thanks."
Anne Denford - Victoria, BC

"The scooter was great. My niece loves it. The only problem was i didn't order enough and parents complained i should have bought more for there kids. Very happy will purchase again. Thanks."
Colum Reddy - Fort McMurray, AB

"Our grandson just loves his new scooter. He has been riding it in the house as there is too much snow outside. You make a very good sturdy product. It should last him for a few years. Thank you."
Hal Parrish - Fort Saskatchewan, AB

"The pogostick was for my grandson for Christmas. Both delivery and the quality surpassed my expectations. It was the ringer gift this year so Grama is a hero and everyone is happy."
Deb Rhodes - Calgary, AB

"It was a Christmas gift for my 13 year old son and he is loving it, everything working great! Thanks for the great product and service!"
Deborah Gibbs - Scarborough, ON

"My grand kids have loved them so far! Need to get the scooters outdoors! Thanks for the follow up."
Keith Bray - Lindsay, ON

"My son loves the scooter, he rides it around the house and looks forward to the day the snow goes away and it warms up. It arrived in excellent condition and I thought your ordering and shipping experience was excellent, once I ordered it, it got here right away. Thanks."
Jill Perron - Regina, SK

"Great job, you made a 7 year old girl very happy for Christmas. The product is solid and your website clearly indicated when you needed to order the product to get it by Christmas. Good luck and best wishes."
Jamie Neilson - Victoria, BC

"She loved it on Christmas morning. Unfortunately, weather has not allowed her to use it very much (except up and down the hallway). Today is gorgeous, so I imagine she’ll be out after school."
Lisa Beare - Beeton, ON

"Enjoying the scooter and love the sparks."
Stef Hamilton - Grimsby, ON

"My son loves his scooter. With 14 degrees on the weekend he just may be able to use it without freezing!"
Barb Benoit - Toronto, ON

"I was extremely impressed with the order!! It came within a day of ordering and were in perfect condition! Thanks so much!"
Sue Contant - Binbrook, ON

"Just got your email about a follow up to the order I placed in September. Thank you for the excellent experience. The website is quite minimal but I found what I was looking for (at a good price) and the item was delivered very quickly and my son hasn’t gone a day without riding the scooter since his birthday. Thank you."
Carmen Lozinsky - Strugeon County, AB

"My wife and daughter and I are camping and we seen two young ladies driving around on a Razor each. Our daughter, 10 yrs old, thought they were pretty cool !!! So, a couple of weeks go by and we had put our daughter to bed in the Trailer well camping again, sitting by a camp fire I asked the ' Boss ' about getting a Razor. She thought it would be a good idea. So, at about 10:30 PM Saturdayat night by the camp fire on my Iphone we ordered one !!!!! Never thought that it would be on our Door Step on the Tuesday! So, when our little one got home with the ' Boss ' she seen it and was very excited !!!!!! So, now that she has had it, we have taken it camping, she has driven it to the Grand Parents that live very near by, smiling all the way !! So, YES, it was a enjoyable purchase from start to delivery. Thank You."
Kenneth Wood - Courtice, ON

"We had a really great experience dealing with your company. When we couldn't find any Razor scooters in our area, I typed those words into my browser, was led to your site, and had it delivered about 4 days later. We were really impressed and would recommend this to anyone."
Adrienne Fitzgerald - Airdrie, AB

"We received the order and our son is trilled that he can use his scooter again."
Sonya Gentner - Red Deer, AB

"My little girl loves the scooter. As a matter of fact, I even gave it a go and now is considering a possible purchase for next summer."
Jamie Bounds - Fort McMurray, AB

"Love it, we are going to order another one. Thanks." Jim Crews - Calgary, AB

"Thanks for following up. We bought our son his first Razor scooter when he was nine or 10 years old (I can’t remember exactly). This year he turned 19. He had been using his old Razor as a means to get back and forth to the bus for work and school and then make his way around campus (he is now in his second year of university) until it finally gave way early this summer. We bought him a new one for his 19th birthday because, after we discovered you made them for “grown-ups,” he decided that was what he wanted. Anyway, so far, so good, with the new Razor scooter."
Kathleen Rake - Mission, BC

"The scooter is great! Thanks so much:)"
Carla Foster - Chetwynd, BC

"We received the scooter and my son loves it."
Denise Campbell - Sydney, NS

"My son adores his razor! He’s never been happier with his ride. And as parents I’ve never been happier ordering online and receiving in a timely matter. Great!"
Dawn & Brent Nielsen - Crossfield, AB

"The scooter was received in good order and has helped me with my present contract working in a hundred and twenty thousand square foot facility and needing to be at all ends of the property at any given moment. I was averaging over 20 kilometers a day walking on the job in steel toed shoes. Not a recreational use, but my feet sure feel better."
Eric S. - Toronto, ON

"Just received your e-mail requesting follow up with regards to the kick scooter we recently purchased. One word! SUPER! Our daughter absolutely loves this scooter and has been riding it every day since we got itSmile The processing/shipping time was rapid and so far the scooter is holding up well! Thanks so much."
Trina Kohlman - Provost, AB

"The replacement charger works a treat and arrived within 48 hours of ordering - thanks."
Paul Wilson - Oakville, ON

"The scooter is great. I’m enjoying riding on it. It’s such a smooth ride and I like it for doing simple tricks. I’ve already wiped-out a couple of times and the scooter has no problems at all."
Lochlan Munro, Hay River, NT

"The two blue e300's arrived quickly. they are tanks! The wheels are awesome, tough, the scooter can take small jumps and uneven terrain. The battery lasts almost twice as long as you said it would! Much easier to turn sharp banked corners than the e100 and e200 - those have solid small rear wheels, and the chain guard bottoms out when you turn at a sharp bank angle on the chain side."
Curtis Smith - Grande Prairie, AB

"Yes everything came in due time and in good order. Thanks for the follow up. I appreciate that a lot!"
Bonnie Kowaliuk - Calgary, AB

"Thank you the scooter is a hit with my 12 yr old, much better than the regular scooter, he s already talking about new grips....also thanks for the prompt service it arrived within 7 days."
Barb Saunders - Waverly, NS

"Received the razor, everything is good. My grandson loves it. Thanks for the good service.
Malcolm Empson - Cochcrane, AB

"My 12 year old son LOVES it! What a great product!! I am so appreciative of your friendly and efficient customer service that allowed me to order the scooter at the last minute and still have it get here for his birthday!! Thank you so much :)"
Janée Loewen - Brooks, AB

"I'm enjoying the excellent quality of my scooter and it's running great!"
Richard Goujon - Calgary, AB

"The scooter was a great hit here for our 12 year old's birthday. Thank-you for your fast service."
Amanda McGuire - Okotoks, AB

"We received the product and my daughter is very happy with it. Thanks again!"
Anthony Luciani - Maple, ON

"Terrific!! I can now ride around with my children. How cool is that?? Lol. I think I am the only mom on the block that has a scooter."
Kylie Ely - Spruce Grove, AB

"Yes we are pleased with purchase. Online purchase experience was great. Thanks for follow up"
Scott Phillips - Ottawa, ON

"We are very satisfied with the product and re received it quickly. Thanks for the excellent service."
Sylvia Raider - Ottawa, ON

"Just to let you know that everything went well with my order and my son loves his new scooter and we regularly go to a local skate park with it."
Paul Thibeault - Toronto, ON

"The delivery of my son’s E300 was ahead of your predicted date. That was an awesome surprise because when Charlie saw the box, he freaked out. He has been riding the scooter with a massive smile on his face ever since!"
Nick Bontis - Ancaster, On

"Great product and services, thank you."
TJ TIEU - Kingston, ON

"The scooters that I had ordered are great. The kids love them. Thanks for the quick service."
Lisa Lawson - Whitby, ON

"Received the scooter and all is well , thank you very much."
Caroline Rocan - Gatineau, QC

"Thanks so much for the follow up. This is the second razor scooter we've bought and are so impressed. Our five year old has already gotten the hang of it enough that she is attempting tricks with her eyes closed (much to her Mother's chagrin). The product arrived in ample time for Anna's birthday and she absolutely loves it. Many thanks."
Susan Meighen - Brandon, MB

"Very glad I ordered it, it was a very fast assembly and no problem with missing parts. Delivery was within 3 days which was great and I'm having a blast on my new Ultra Pro. Thank you very much for speedy delivery and ultimate satisfaction. Will refer friends to order from Kidscooters.ca anytime!!!"
Kenneth Chisholm - Dartmouth, NS

"We did have a bit of trouble with the valve stem on the front tire, but that has been rectified and it is now working well. Thank you."
Paula Sorken - Edmonton, AB

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Read the owner’s manual inside the box before use. Keep your fingers and toes clear of the hinge when folding and unfolding your Razor® scooter. Ride Smooth. Periodically check that all screws are tightened. Check wheels for wear and tear and replace as needed. Keep your scooter clean by wiping with a damp cloth to remove dirt and dust. Orders are non refundable once shipped. Orders cancelled before processing are subject to a 5% fee to cover Payal/credit card fees. Razor guarantees all products, and will replace any missing, damaged or broken parts at no charge for 90 days after the purchase date, Canadian service centers are located in Ontario and B.C.

Owners of electric scooters and ride ons should periodically charge the batteries during periods of extended storage, even if the scooters are not in use. This will help prolong battery life, avoiding premature battery failure. Electric scooters and ride ons may be limited to off road or private property use in some areas. Please check local laws before purchasing or riding.

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